Corporation Tax Investigation

Corporation Tax Investigation work is dealt with by experienced tax inspectors working on specialist teams.

What is a corporation tax investigation

HMRC generally select cases according to risk (although a small percentage are random) and investigations or compliance checks are only launched where the potential tax loss is considered to be substantial.

Although the focus of a corporation tax investigation is the limited company, matters can quickly spiral into other areas such as the personal affairs of the Director(s) concerned.

A PAYE audit is likely to be a key element of any corporate tax investigation and following the merger between HM Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise the lead investigator will generally work the case alongside a VAT specialist.

If you become the subject of a tax investigation by an HMRC Local Compliance office, contact Admiral Tax Investigations without delay.

Corporation Tax Investigation Services

Admiral Tax Investigations have decades of tax investigation experience between their various consultants, ensuring that you receive the very best tax investigation advice possible.

Admiral Tax Investigations have particular expertise in dealing with corporation tax investigations launched at local compliance level.

Contact Admiral Tax Investigations today on 0330 999 5000 or email us

At Admiral Tax Investigations we take great pride in customer service and for that reason a specialist tax investigation consultant will be on hand to deal with your telephone inquiry 24 hours 7 days

Admiral Tax Investigations endeavor to respond to all emails on the day of receipt and often within one working hour.

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