Why have I been selected for tax investigation?

How do HMRC select my case for tax investigation?

Most tax investigations or HMRC compliance checks are launched because HMRC have concerns about the integrity of a tax return and/or accounts submitted by an individual, partnership or business.

If you receive a notice informing you that an investigation or HMRC compliance check has begun it is safe to assume that HMRC feel that you or your business has underpaid tax – either due to negligence or fraud.

HMRC will consider several factors, including risk, means, economic factors and perhaps the results received by similar businesses in your geographical area.

tax investigation what why whenThird Party Information

The Inspector is also likely to hold a file of information obtained from third parties such as banks, local authorities and in some circumstances informants.

Investigations are costly exercises and HMRC have a limited pool of compliance resources available to them. In short if an investigation is launched by HMRC the Inspector is expecting to bring in a yield.

Visit our tax investigation advice page for more, useful information on how to survive a compliance intervention by HMRC.

Former HMRC Investigators

Admiral Tax Investigations have years of departmental experience amongst their team of tax investigation specialists. When allied to a proven track record of success within private practice you can feel secure that you could not have a better tax investigation team at your disposal.

The Admiral Guarantee

If you are the subject of a tax investigation or compliance check by HMRC, Admiral Tax Investigations will:

  • advise you whether any requests made by the inspector are reasonable
  • advise on any documents or records he or she is entitled to access
  • ensure that a proactive, front foot approach is maintained throughout the investigation
  • explain your rights and the inspector’s powers
  • mount a robust defence of your position within the parameters of published legislation
  • achieve the best possible financial settlement for you
  • deal with any cross tax issues – for example VAT, national minimum wage, PAYE irregularities and tax credits
  • Keep you fully informed in writing and with regular no fee client conferences

Get yourself specialist Tax Investigation Advice

If you have any questions or concerns regarding tax investigations or HMRC compliance checks then please contact Admiral Tax Investigations Services immediately.

A tax investigation specialist is on hand to take your call 24 hours, 7 days.

We are here to help on 0330 999 5000

If you prefer you can email us direct or use our secure contact form.


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