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Tax Investigation Services from the best

Admiral Tax offer a full range of tax investigation services, regardless of the size or gravity of the HMRC investigation or compliance check concerned.

Whether you have received a notice from HMRC Local Compliance informing you that a check of self assessment tax return has commenced or a notice issued under the serious fraud provisions, Code of Practice 9, Admiral Tax have the skills, experience and technical ability to support you through the entire process.

This commitment ensures you receive the very best tax investigation advice and support available anywhere in the U.K.

What separates Admiral Tax from the rest:-


Our team is made up of former senior HMRC investigators and inspectors. That internal departmental experience, alongside an understanding of the complexities, vagaries and often unrelenting legislative approach by HMRC is absolutely invaluable.

Combine that with many years of experience and a proven track record of success within private practice and you are guaranteed a tax investigation service that you can trust.


We believe in giving value for money and a client service that is second to none. Our fees are extremely competitive and most importantly our fee structure is absolutely open and transparent.

This is important when planning and financing your eventual tax investigation settlement.

Listed below are just some examples of the type of tax investigations that Admiral Tax Investigations can deal with on your behalf.

Please click on the relevant link below for further information on our tax investigation services.

Tax Investigation Contact UsFor a no commitment, confidential discussion about how Admiral Tax can save you money contact our specialist team day or night using the information listed below

Tel: 0330 999 5000 or email us

An initial consultation will be undertaken without charge and give our consultant the opportunity to offer you the no nonsense, practical tax investigation advice that you need.

Allow Admiral Tax Investigations Service to take control and be guaranteed absolute peace of mind.

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