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VAT investigations by HMRC is invariably an extremely stressful and unpleasant experience.

Whether it is an VAT investigation launched by a Local Compliance Office or a full blown VAT investigation launched by HMRC’s Serious Fraud Team, the impact on both business and family life cannot be underestimated.

Whether it is an VAT investigation launched by a Local Compliance Office or a full blown VAT investigation launched by HMRC’s Serious Fraud Team, the impact on both business and family life cannot be underestimated.

VAT investigations are very much at the core of the work we do at Admiral Tax Investigations. In fact we offer a bespoke VAT investigation service which is comparable to anything currently available in the UK.

Our dedicated value added tax specialists are all genuine former HMRC VAT inspectors, who have honed their skills over many years within specialist government departments.

That internal departmental experience is absolutely invaluable and when allied to a proven track record of success within private practice, we are able to offer our clients a totally comprehensive service – regardless of the scale or complexity of the VAT investigation issue at hand.

Admiral Tax Investigations are happy to assist businesses of all shapes, sizes and structures. Whether it be a small/medium enterprise or a larger corporation Admiral VAT Investigations should be your first port of call.

Personally Tailored Service

Admiral Tax Investigations offer an unrivalled, personally tailored service to each client alongside a fee structure which means that every business can now afford the dedicated tax advice and support that they need.

Listed below are just some of the value added tax related services offered by Admiral Tax Investigations.

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VAT Appeals and Tribunals

Criminal Prosecution

The Board of HMRC operates a selective criminal prosecution policy, when fraudulent conduct in relation to VAT evasion is deemed to be serious enough.

There are many factors which determine whether a case could be referred to HMRC’s Criminal Prosecution Unit, principally the nature, extent and gravity of the offences perceived to have been committed.

Most investigations are conducted using HMRC’s civil evasion powers. In such circumstances HMRC are invariably seeking a financial settlement. This settlement will include any tax lost, interest and a tax geared penalty.

However, even if HMRC pursue a case using their civil evasion powers – early, specialist intervention is strongly recommended to reduce the impact upon your business.

Civil penalties can be extremely punitive – up to 100% of any VAT evaded.

Limited Liability – Civil Evasion Penalty

Furthermore, limited liability does not necessarily protect company directors whose conduct is deemed to have contributed to any VAT evaded. In such circumstances HMRC have it within their power to levy a civil evasion penalty against the director(s) concerned. Penalties can be levied retrospectively against director(s) of liquidated companies and can be 100% of any VAT lost.

Regardless of the nature of the VAT investigation being undertaken, Admiral VAT Investigations decades of invaluable experience which can be brought to bear on your behalf.

What to do?

Admiral VAT investigations have a proven track record when it comes to representing clients who are the subject of a VAT investigation.

A dedicated VAT investigations consultant will manage your investigation personally, ensuring that:

  • a proactive, front foot approach is adopted
  • you are kept fully informed at every stage
  • HMRC operate within the boundaries of published legislation
  • You get the best possible financial settlement

Free initial VAT investigation advice

For an initial no fee, no commitment consultation regarding your VAT investigation problem, contact Admiral Tax Investigations on 0330 999 5000 or if you prefer email us

Admiral Tax Investigation Services are the most comprehensive available in the UK. We take great pride in the tax investigation advice that we give.

It is never to late to call.

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