Voluntary Disclosure

There are many reasons that making a voluntary disclosure may be the right course of action for you.

You may well have started out with the best of intentions with regards to notifying HMRC of income which gives rise to a charge to tax, but with the passage of time matters can quickly get out of hand, sometimes it is easier to ignore stark reality and bury your head in the sand.

Now is time to take control.

Why should I come forward and make a voluntary disclosure?

HMRC deal with taxpayers who come forward voluntarily and disclose a previously unknown source of taxable income in wholly more lenient fashion than those who are identified by other means. This is known internally as the voluntary disclosure process.

HMRC’s access to and interrogation of information from third parties sources has improved vastly over recent years, resulting in the creation of specialist hidden economy tax investigation units whose sole responsibility is to identify those who are operating in the “black economy”.

The most serious cases of tax evasion could be considered suitable for criminal prosecution, but even if the taxpayer is investigated under civil powers, the penalties levied can be as much as 100% of any tax lost.

Why should Admiral Tax handle my voluntary disclosure for me?

Admiral Tax Investigations have unrivalled experience in handling cases under the voluntary disclosure process with a proven track record in negotiating vastly reduced settlements.

We will seek a tax efficient resolution to your case, ensuring that you achieve the minimum settlement in the minimum time. Admiral Tax typically settle cases involving a voluntary disclosure within 6 months.

Please read this article, which details our comprehensive approach to making an HMRC voluntary disclosure.

What should I do next?

In short do not panic, specialist help is at hand.

If you wish to make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC then please contact Admiral for tax investigation advice. Admiral Tax Investigations have decades of tax investigation experience between their various consultants, ensuring that you receive the very best tax investigation advice possible.


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