HMRC Tax Investigation Communication

The key to HMRC tax investigation success

An HMRC tax investigation is an incredibly intense and stressful experience. But can you imagine how it must feel if you are not kept fully up to date with progress?

There is nothing worse than feeling at a loss or in the dark when in the midst of a full blown HMRC compliance intervention.

We keep our clients fully informed at every stage of the HMRC tax investigation process. Whether it be an HMRC compliance check or a serious fraud investigation under Code of Practice 9, you will never feel lost or alone.

What does this mean for our clients?

In terms of our HMRC tax investigation clients, we achieve this by making practical use of every communication tool at our disposal, including:

  • Royal Mail and/or Email – You are copied in on every item of correspondence using the medium of your choice.
  • Regular no fee client case conferences held either in person or over the telephone with your dedicated, personal tax investigation or compliance check specialist.

Our HMRC tax investigation approach

Perhaps more important than communicating with you, how well does your HMRC tax investigation specialist communicate with the office enquiring into your affairs.

You need to feel safe in the knowledge that your HMRC tax investigation adviser has developed a solid working relationship with the lead investigator, who has conduct of your case.

If communication is flawed or breaks down your HMRC tax investigation will become protracted and contentious. If that happens,  you will pay the price. For that reason our approach during an HMRC tax investigation is based firmly around rapport.

We seek open and effective communication with the HMRC department conducting your enquiry.

HMRC tax investigation services and advice

Our tax investigation services cover every aspect of HMRC’s compliance work. Whether it be an HMRC tax investigation focusing on one aspect of your affairs or something much more complex, we can offer you the dedicated support that you need. You can view our HMRC tax investigation services in more detail by clicking on the link below.

HMRC Tax investigation Services

We do not charge for initial advice on your HMRC tax investigation. Our team is made up of former HMRC tax investigation officers who have unrivalled technical knowledge and unbeatable communication skills.

More importantly not only are our telephones always answered, they are answered by one of our specialist HMRC tax investigation team. If you are worried, it is never too late to call on 0330 999 5000.

If email is your preference in the first instance, then please use the information on our contact page. We will respond to you within the hour.





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